“Superintendent’s Message”

March 24, 2015

Spring is finally here and my hope is that the snow and ice are only a distant memory.  Thank you to the Academy administrators and those staff that contributed to successful open houses in each of the four Academies. If one or more of your child’s teachers were not in attendance during open house you will receive their email address to communicate with them.

One of the many highlights of the open houses was at Greenburgh Academy. They had an art exhibit coordinated by Ms. Jessica Fuentes, art teacher, that featured the artwork of many of our students. The exhibit demonstrated the remarkable skills of our students as well as the outstanding training that Ms. Fuentes has provided.

Another highlight this week was the start of the Greenburgh Academy trip to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Six students are touring Eastern Europe with Mr. Hislop, social worker and Ms. Evans, teaching assistant. The students in conjunction with Mr. Hislop and Ms. Evans fund raised to make this trip a reality.  They will be touring museums, castles and historical landmarks as well as become acquainted with the various traditions of these three countries. Thank you to those family members and staff who contributed to this “life changing” experience.

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Superintendent of Schools

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