Black History Month

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month, is celebrated annually in February. Black History Month was first celebrated in 1926 and February was chosen due to the birthdays and leadership of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas.Image

Our District website has a number of excellent resources that are located on the “Important Links” section of the homepage. These links are as follows: Jacob Lawrence – Harlem Renaissance Artist, Fifteen Lost Black Towns, Martin Luther King Jr. and Black Profiles.

This month provides us with an opportunity to share with our students some of the remarkable individuals who helped shape our country. Please also see the homepage for Sam Cookes’ rendition of “A Change is Gonna Come”. Please also see Terence and Arby’s interpretation of “A Change is Gonna Come” along with a moving slide show. The slide show will be both motivating and educational for all who view it. Some consider “A Change is Gonna Come” as one of the anthems of the Civil Rights movement.

ImageText based questions is one of the central themes of the ELA Common Core. Text based questions are tied to a given text as opposed to background knowledge. One relevant activity to be considered for your classes during the month of February related to the text based questions is developing a question from Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. This letter is located on the Martin Luther King Jr. link.

If you would like more information regarding GNC please go to our website ( For referral information please contact Dr. Robin Levine at 914-693-3030 ext.2232 regarding day placements and for residential placement please contact either Jill Bergner, Director of Intake, at 914-693-3030 ext. 2037 or Karen Safris, Supervisor of Intake, at 914-949-0665 ext. 2301. 

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